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My name is Amanda Gregal and I LOVE to organize just about anything. And when I say love, I mean I'm the girl who is in the department store refolding all the shirts someone just rummaged through looking for their size. 

My philosophy on home organizing is simple: a place for everything and everything in its place. If you have more "things" than you have space,  you are bound to end up with clutter which leads to extra stress, and no one needs more of that!  When helping clients sort through their possessions, most of them don't realize just how much STUFF they have.  We usually come across duplicates of many items because they lost track of what they already had. I can help you function more efficiently in your home by decluttering and maximizing your existing space and streamlining everyday tasks.

I am a wife and a mom of 4 year old twins.  Our family has always lived in small spaces and I have successfully kept things clutter free and manageable by setting up systems in each area of our home.  Home organization can be challenging for lots of people and that's where I come in.




I can declutter and organize any space in your home, from a kitchen drawer, to the garage, or anywhere in between.  I can do as much or as little as you want and I'm ready to hold your hand through the entire process or you can tell me what areas need to be worked on and then go about your day. Here are some common household needs:

  • Setting up filing systems and paper management 
  • Sorting through possessions and deciding what to keep, donate, trash, or sell for an upcoming move
  • Kitchens/Pantries
  • Offices/Craft Rooms
  • Bedrooms/Closets
  • Entryways/Mudrooms
  • Basements/Garages
  • Minivan/Car Trunk



$60 per hour

Payment Due at time of Service

24 hr Notice for Cancellations

Accepts Credit Cards, Cash, Check

DC Metro service area

Testimonials & FAQ's

What Clients Are Saying

“My craft/office space was wreck!! We had moved into our new home a year ago and used this room as a place to put the "I don't know where to put this yet" space. When I inquired about Amanda helping me get this room back into shape, I was embarrassed that it had even got to this point. But she wasn't judgemental at all, in fact, the opposite; she was understanding of how this can happen. Right away she made me feel comfortable and normal for having such a messy space.Once we started sorting, I was overwhelmed with where to begin, but she wasn't overwhelmed at all. And her approach of working the space in sections and little by little really made it seem less daunting. Her patience and understanding of sentimental items was so appreciated. Not only is she caring and understanding, she's diligent and strategic in how she approaches each task or sorting and organizing.Now the room feels like it has a purpose. It is organized, it is clean, and it feels great, thanks to Amanda! I love walking in there and can find what I need and I feel more motivated and inspired to use the space!"—Maggie Markel 

Absolutely would recommend Amanda to organize your home! She is charming, friendly and willing to help you sort through items that you are emotionally attached to but need to get rid of !!  Her services are impeccable and I would highly recommend!—Veronica Chavez 

You Might Be Wondering...

Q:  What do I need to do before you arrive?

A:  If you’d like to get the most out of my time, you can start by throwing away all obvious trash in the area that we will be working on.  Also, you can send me photos of areas you would like to work on beforehand so I can better understand the goal and outcome.

Q: Do I need to buy any organizational tools, equipment or containers?

A: I will do my best to save you money by reusing any existing storage containers you have already in your home.  We can always decide to purchase items on an as needed basis.

Q: Will I need to be there while you are working?

A: For the most part, yes. With your input I will know what to keep, donate, etc... After I get a feel for the project I should be able to work on my own if you prefer.

Q: How long will it take?

A: That largely depends on the project but generally I would say contained spaces like drawers, cabinets and pantries are 1-3 hours and entire rooms will take 3-6 hours.

Q: I'm nervous about an outsider seeing all of my stuff.  What will you think of me?

A: I'm going to think that you are a smart cookie to reach out for assistance .  I'm nonjudgmental, trustworthy, very friendly and just want to help people. My goal is to make you happy and excited to live in your space!

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